Monday, May 7, 2012

Americorps Update

Hey all,

My phone interview with Habitat for Humanity went very well. In just an hour they offered me the position and I accepted.  I will be HFH of Suffolk County's new Training Coordinator, although I still do not completely understand the position. They sort of rushed me in the interview. I do know that the two primary tasks of the position are to (1) help develop a training curriculum for volunteers and (2) to help coordinate volunteer participation.

This is a new position for HFH Suffolk, so they were undecided on my work hours and failed to answer some other questions fully during the interview. They did, however, tell me how much the monthly stipend would be and lets just say it is miles more than what is estimated on the Americorps website, but a lot less than how much I could be making in the private sector. I'm happy though; the free healthcare, education award at end of service worth over $5000, and networking and prestige of working for Habitat and Americorps makes me believe this will prove to be a good career decision.

I also interviewed with Outreach Training Institute this past week. They train the most CASACs, or substance abuse and alcoholism counselors, in New York state. They require an admissions interview before accepting new students (haha, like they wouldn't accept new students?). Due to my low income for last year they are offering 50% off my tuition, which lowers it to around $200 a month. I'm going to take a few classes and see if it's worth it to continue. Maybe it won't be my calling, but addictions counseling training could open many new career paths for me. Also, mom says education is never a bad thing, and I agree!

I'm excited! Send some good energy and thoughts my way!


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