Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's Been Happening and Tentative Plans

Hey everyone!

How're y'all doing? Long time no post. I got back from California days ago, it was great. I don't think I'd want to live in LA, but the weather on the west coast is definitely inviting. Asterios is doing well, he's keeping busy with lots of comedy and freelancing, and probably lots more stuff he pushed off the schedule to hang out with me. He and his better half Justine just moved into a new apartment together and they are very happy. I forgot to take pictures, but the apartment and especially the neighborhood is very nice and relaxed compared to Hollyweird (I love to say that) and Weird Town, CA (Venice Beach).

I've been a bit busy out here on the east end. For a couple months I was selling items for people on eBay. I've since dumped my clients and hooked up with a comic book dealer as his business partner. We will ideally work as a ford assembly line of comic dealing: hunting, buying, grading and selling comics. He's been doing it for a decade but would like a partner to increase business. I also may work for a new restaurant in Greenport. They focus in locally sourced good-for-you food, and the manager was one of my eBay clients. They will be calling me this week and giving me my initial schedule.

Tomorrow I have a phone interview with Habitats for Humanity. Their office is about an hour away from Peconic, and they are looking for a "volunteer coordinator"I believe it's a full time position but I'll get the details tomorrow. The catch is that they've posted the position as an Americorps VISTA volunteer opportunity. So I will be working for Habitats, but I will be an Americorps volunteer and be paid by Americorps. There are some pros and some cons to this (health insurance, education award, length of service, minuscule monthly stipend, full-time), I'll update you on that after I speak to them on the phone.

In the beginning of April I was appointed to the Southold Town Youth Bureau Board as a board member. The Bureau is a government funded volunteer board that designs, implements and maintains projects and programs for the youth of Southold Town. We have a small budget (below 10k) and our focus is to ensure the youth of Southold, Cutchogue, Peconic, Mattituck and Laurel reach their full potential. Since I'm new I've just been meeting individually with like minded organizations and people and discussing potential projects. I missed the first board meeting as I was in California, but the second board meeting is on May 21st, so I'll have more to talk about then.

I believe I've created a nice little three year plan for myself. Once I finally gain a stable source of income I will begin taking classes in substance abuse and alcoholism counseling. If I deem those classes worthwhile I'll continue taking them for 11 months until I earn what's called a CASAC or certificate in alcoholism and substance abuse counseling. Within that year I will be making payments on both my student loans and, hopefully, a new economy car.

I've been reading books on social work and I believe it's a field that I would do very well in, so in November of this year I will apply to graduate programs in social work. I've created a list of a few universities, and will have to visit them before applying of course. Most of these Masters in Social Work programs take two years, but some give a three year part-time option. Ideally, I would want to find a part-time program and use my CASAC to find a part time or per-diem job as a counselor, and leverage myself with student loans and potential government aid and scholarships.

A lot of thinking and planning going on! I'd love to know what you guys think. Just email me your ideas!


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