Sunday, June 12, 2011


Total lunar eclipse! On Wednesday, the 15th, at around 7pm, I and my village will be enjoying a total lunar eclipse. Sorry western hemis-fools! I'm happy my friend whom I visited last week informed me of this, because the next time it will happen is in 3 years!

So telling people about the eclipse is fun with my limited Pulaar:

Me: "In three days, on June 15, you wont be able to see the moon at 7pm. The sun will be behind here, and the moon will be in front of here. The shadow... you won't be able to see the moon. You understand?"

Villager 1: "I understand a little"

Villager 2: "Yes, I understand"

I don't know the word for Earth. I asked my teacher a while ago during training, but he told me they don't have a word in Pulaar.

Okay thats the fun post, now for business. Western hemis-fools!

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